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About the art...

Peter's mandalas have enjoyed years of successful sales on clothing, jewelry, greeting cards, books and art prints. His pieces are originally hand-drawn then digitally evolved to achieve a variety of treatments and styles, often in conjunction with his own photography as well. The mandala as an art form is based upon radial structure and repeated patterns, making it a natural source for product and packaging solutions. It is a unique, distinctive design element, proven to have broad appeal on a popular and even subconscious level. The mandala is an attention magnet. It resonates, making one feel comforted, safe, stable... the ultimate feel-good factor.

About the artist...

Peter Barreda is an award-winning artist with degrees in Advertising and Visual Arts. He has worked in advertising and television promotions for twenty years. For over a decade he has maintained a popular website, mandalaZone.com, for the exhibit and sale of his art, and has established a loyal world-wide fanbase from Norway to Australia, from Canada to Argentina. He has exhibited successfully at juried art festivals for many years and has won numerous awards. He is also a prolific if occasional writer, posting articles to his blog, the mandalaZone Archives, on mandalas and spirituality.

Art Licensing...

If you're looking for unique and memorable design elements to enhance your products, the mandala art of Peter Barreda is the perfect choice. The mandalaZone gallery offers a wide variety of styles, sensations, feelings and moods. Peter's mandalas are a rich source of material for successful logos, surfaces, backgrounds, borders and textiles. As an art professional, he is great to work with, capable of meeting demanding deadlines and comfortable satisfying clients' requests. Peter Barreda has been creating art with a classical, mythical style for decades, and has a proven history of professionalism, dedication and success.

Contact Peter about licensing at art_licensing@mandalaZone.com

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