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     People have told me more times than I can remember that my mandalas are perfect for tattoos. If any of you have been kind enough to honor me by getting a tattoo of one of my mandalas, please send me some nice shots. I will post them here, where you can share your experience with everyone. Many, many thanks.



a beautiful tattoo of a kárman-dóman variation...

mandala tattoo body art

karman-doman mandala This tattoo of kárman-dóman mandala was created by Loco at Dharma Tattoo.



a husband and wife express their devotion to the meditative practices
with these images from tízah-zénji mandala...


tizah-zenji mandala These tattoos based on tízah-zénji mandala were created by Tom Hale of Fort Myers Beach Tattoo Studio.



an exotic floral variation of án mandala...

mandala tattoo body art

an mandala This tattoo based on án mandala was created by Kevin Rotamel of Smart Bomb Tattoo in Dayton, Ohio.



an amazing black light tattoo combining the mandalas
án and omáro-nálah...


an mandala omaro-nalah mandala This tattoo based on án and omáro-nálah mandalas was created by Dow of Lucky Tattoo in Miami Beach, Florida.



powerful, tribal raxuzáhni...

raxuzáhni mandala

raxuzáhni mandala This tattoo of raxuzáhni mandala was created at Hatteras Ink in Hatteras, NC.



a beautifully simple expression of peace
and meditation
in a detail of tízah-zénji mandala...


This tattoo based on tízah-zénji mandala was created by Andrew of Topnotch Tattoos in Elgin, IL.


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