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Mandala: Spiritual Visions
of Our Ancient Self

Mandala Book

An inspiring collection of original mandalas and articles about the peace, beauty and self-discovery found in the mandala.

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About the Artist

Peter Patrick Barreda


Complete listing of Essays in chronological order...

A Density of Particles: The Mandala as Mirror of Inner and Outer Self
...on the unity between Humankind and the Cosmos.

Spiritual Architecture: Recognizing Your Life-Mandala
...on your position within the pattern of your life.

The Eyes of the Universe: Beyond the Illusion of Self
...on the perceived separation between the Self and the Other.

At the Center of Everything: The Seed of Power and Potential
...on your ability to effect real changes in your life.

Archetype of Wholeness: Jung and the Mandala
...on Jung's insightful theories of mandala symbolism.

Mind in the Mandala: Empowerment and Responsibility
...on the power and responsibility of your place in the world.

Double-edged Sword: The Conflict of Self
...on the wonders and dangers of the Self in society.

Uncorrupted Essence: A Fable of the First Mandala
...a tale of the origin of the mandala and our wondrous place within it.

Unity and Pattern: The Universe and the Mandala
...on pattern and interrelatedness in the Universe.

The Watercourse of Life: Wisdom and Fluidity in the Mandala
...on the importance of acceptance and flexibility in your life.

The Physics of Kindness: Compassion as a Universal Precept
...on kindness as an element in the evolution of Humankind.

Hope and Bigotry: Putting the Heart Before the Sword
...on the importance of nurturing compassion over instinct.

Enter the Mandala: A Poem About the Experience
...a trans-personal account of the journey through the mandala.

Flowers of the Universe: Blooming into the Void
...on our amazing consciousness and how it connects us all.

Patterns of Peace: Threads in the Human Tapestry
...on the Human tendency toward conflict and egoism.

Ouroboros: The Serpent in the Spirit
...on the ancient symbol for unity of the Universe and the Spirit.

World Peace Through Inner Peace: An Evening with the Dalai Lama
...on how to find peace and compassion in the world today.

Mandala Structure: The Hidden Temple Within
...on the mandala's structure in ritual and its place within you.

Paradise on Earth: Appreciating the Beauty
...on the impressive majesty of Earth, our own Garden of Eden.

Unity Awareness: The Path to Peace in Society
...on artificial divisions in society and the danger they pose.

Belonging to the Universe: The Connection Within
...on our forgotten physical and spiritual links to the universe.

A Newborn Babe: The Grand Gift of Life
...on the joys and perils of parenthood, and the wonders of life.

My Mandalas: The Artist's Personal View
...a few thoughts on the creation of the mandala.

Thinking Through: The Mind and the Mandala
...on our intimate mental interaction with the mandala.

Simple Complexity: Serenity Within the Chaos
...on finding peace beneath the chaotic surface of life.

The River of Humanity: Of Forces and Free Will
...on the powerful currents that propel us through history.

The Mandala and the Tao: Imagining the Unimaginable
...on experiencing the mandala as a path to understanding.

The Dream of the Cosmic Mandala
...a poem of the mandala's long, exciting journey.

The Mandala Pattern: A Universality of Structure
...on the spirit of the mandala inherent in everything.

An Open Mind: Profiling the Truth
...on the dangers of zenophobia and uninformed conclusions.

Universal Spirituality: The Unifying Essence
...regarding a true spirituality based on universal being.

The Pebble and the Wave: The Seed at the Center of the Storm
...on our deeply hidden Self, and the onslought of the waves.

The Tao, the Universe and the Mandala: Discovering Unity in the Cosmos
...on the nature of our unified relationship with the universe.

Continuum of the Self: Threads in the Tapestry of Existence
...on the history and inertia of universal forces and the self.

Mandala Mind: A Paradigm of Paradox
...on being in the mandala as stream of consciousness experience.

Mandala Unity: Dissolving the Barriers
...on how mandalas can show us the way to unity and peace.

The Quest for Harmony: Life and the Mandala
...on the elusive yet powerful presence of Harmony in our lives.

"You Are Here!": The Mandala as Universal Map
...on how the mandala can show us our place in the Universe.

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