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   The Luminous Spirit mandala gallery exhibits a fusion of styles and paths. These pieces begin with my original, hand-drawn mandalas and then are combined with my own photography to achieve a variety of textures, colors and moods. The resulting images are beautiful portals, visions that will elevate, stimulate, illuminate. Prints ordered from the Luminous Spirit gallery area available in 18" x 18" and 12" x 12" on acid-free, photographic paper.

ombo quiet night shuiwudao sky visions omulyana dancing energy okshirahm bluecrystal lialiom red gold
okshirahm-rosetree viviana green aghira jade gaia green ozorahmi ancient star
orvio space omulyana branches lianai redstone lianai redstone obu-window
daorashi woodcut dromoroh cave zahying stone red peace-buddha
rashim molten peace ganesh parchment okshirahm woodcut quozarrah-jungle omjarah woodcut
kuru-red viviana white romkalah black iliahni woodcut sehntii-glow
pin-smiley ishika wood sharaloh diamo okshirahm sky elemental
anqua purplehaze oonidaoma-bamboolove oroko-thedeep    
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