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An extremely kind article about my work by the wonderful Marlis Ladurée, painter of stunning mandalas, writer of beautiful words...

The black and white mandalas by Peter Patrick Barreda with "mandalaZone" are strongly loaded with powerful energy. They reflect our times and our modern civilization by showing clearly and distinctly the extremities of the palette: there is no longer the nuances of colors, but one has the clear black and white.

White is not a color, it is the unity of all colors, thus a condition of: PURITY — PERFECTION — LIGHT. It symbolizes innocence, grandeur, spiritual purity and wisdom, virtue, perfection, Spirituality, spiritual divine principle, compassion, reliability, honesty and truthfulness. White represents factual clearness.

In the Western cultures black—in opposition to white—symbolizes the absence of colors: The basic passive, symbolism of death, grief, negative feelings and darkness.

Black, in the Eastern cultures, is opposite from what is said here, because it is the color of universal life (Prakriti). It serves as a preparation for reincarnation. This "non-color" also stands for elegance without risk, modernity, objectivity, clarity and functionality. It is the color of creativity, as everything is born from the darkness.

Peter tells us—through his graphically, beautiful resoluted black and white mandalas—the distinct path to come to clear decisions.

While focusing on his mandalas through the extremities of these "non-colors", the questions are put: What is my decision? yes or no? On which side do I stand? Am I black or white? Light or dark? Negative or positive?

Through this discussion of duality, Peter shows us clearly the way to unity. By creating harmonious and entirely balanced mandalas—giving both non-colours the same weight and respect—the realization arises in us that we are both, the one containing the other and vice versa. The contrast, i.e. the polarity is in need of facing each other in order to get to know itself.

May Peter continue to create for us many, many beautiful mandalas during his life. They are like flowers on the paths of consciousness of mankind, for they allow us to enter new ways of thoughts. They are the symbols of universal love.

Marlis Ladurée,
Painter for contemporary Mandalas

Paris, June 2011

(Translated from the German by Mr. Bergemann)

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